Age: 2009
Breed: AQHA
Sells at the Five Star Horse Sale

"Banjo" is one cool cat, he is a trained cutter that is fancy broke to ride. No bridle required to ride this guy, very responsive and easy to maneuver. Banjo will lope out of his tracks, quick roll backs, lead changes, good stopper, and really rides off of your seat and leg cues. Prior to us Banjo had been ranched on extensively, drug claves, sorted pairs and trail rode many miles. He is sure footed, will cross anything you ask him to, traffic safe, and goes where you point him without hesitation. I have given riding lessons on Banjo this summer, he is great with inexperienced riders. He will ride to the level of rider on his back. Banjo is an all-around type of guy, show him in the ranch riding, versatility, cow horse, cutting, ranch horse competitions, you name it he can do it! He is very trained and has a great mind, saddles up the same every time you ride him and stays broke with time off. Sound, current on deworming, shoes, and coggins. For more info call 507-459-8654. 15.1HH