Age: 2014
Color: GRAY
Breed: AQHA
Sells at the Five Star Horse Sale

"Friz" is one cute little steel gray gelding. He's had cutting training as a colt, quick footed, good stopper, and has a good way of moving. Friz is gentle as can be, loves attention, always meets you at the gate to be caught, and has a bubbly cool personality. We have been riding Friz through the fields and ditches and along the highway. He crosses the trail course obstacles, good with a rope, and we have been turning back on him. He's compact made, high bred, talented, and we believe he'd make a jam up breakaway, heel, or calf horse. His picture doesn't do him justice, wait till you see him in person! Sound, current on deworming, shoes, and coggins. For more info call 608-434-4789. 14HH