Horse Training

Along with our horses for sale, we also train horses for clients. We have many repeat customers and aim to satisfy when you return to pick up your colt. We work with all levels; from just halter-broke to that rusty trail horse that needs a spring tune up. Your horse will get worked with for a full 30 days, and be taken care of like it is one of my own. We have indoor stalls and outdoor runs, and provide excellent feed. We believe in showing horses the right way to do things and ending each ride on a good note. For 30 days of training, there is a flat rate of $700, which includes feed. Transportation is no problem, and arrangements can be made.

Remember, when your horse comes to us it will be taken care of and will get a great education. There are a lot of horses in this world, and a lot of green and unbroke ones. It takes time and lots of wet saddle pads for a horse to be that honest "bomb-proof" horse we all want. Patience is a huge factor in our training technique. Repetition and riding with confidence so your horse stays relaxed are also great ways to get your horse in better riding condition. I suggest riding your horse at least two to three times a week after its training session to keep it in shape and to remember what it has been taught. Like I said, lots of time and patience.

If you have any more questions or want to set up an appointment, please feel free to call.