"Saloon" is a big, handsome dark dapple gray gelding that stands 15.3hh. He's gentle enough for intermediate riders to take a stroll down the trail yet athletic enough to make into one fancy head or pickup horse. He has been used to doctor and sort cattle on the ranch and helped gather 70 head of loose yearlings along a busy highway in the pitch dark. Saloon is soft in the bridle, moves off leg pressure, and rides off your seat. He has as much eye appeal as you could ever ask for with his silver mane and tail, four dark feet, and a beautiful head all wrapped up in a dark silver dappled coat. Big enough to handle whatever you're cowboy enough to rope! Born in the rough terrain of North Dakota and raised here locally in Iowa ever since a weanling by PRCA contractor Three Hills Rodeo. They decided to stick with the paints and buckskins for their pick up horses and sold the grays is the only reason he was for sale. Saloon has seen a lot already and is just now getting into the prime of his life! Absolutely sound and problem free, here's one that will suit a lot of different people and a lot of different disciplines.