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We sure do enjoy him! It is really nice to buy a horse off videos and be able to say that he was “as advertised”. He’s been a great fit for us ❤️

Jessica K.

DJS Triboon that we bought from you last year making a big head time horse! You guys are putting out some amazing horses. We will be back for another one for sure!


We’re all so in love with our Teddy. Our kids ride him all by themselves and he takes the very best care of them. We could not be happier with him and can’t get enough of him. So grateful for this very special horse!


I saw on your page you are Getting Ready for Bots and Sots. Just a quick update on Flash. He is such an amazing boy, he has exceeded all my expectations and I really believe he is a once in a lifetime horse. I am so happy we took the leap and came to Wyoming to get him. Hope you’re all well and good luck with the sale!


We purchased Swaggerat, their 5-star Gelding sale a few weeks ago. He is absolutely perfect and exactly as advertised! We couldn’t be happier!

Shane and Beverly B.

We have bought 2 horses within the past 2 months, and I can tell you they are the nicest horses. It’s obvious how much time Riley and Kyle put into their horses. They have answered any questions we have had after the sale. You can be rest assured when buying from them you’re guaranteed to be buying only the best. They are honest and trustworthy which unfortunately is hard to come by in this industry. Be sure to talk to them the next time you’re looking for your next mount.

Jeanine S.

Jeanine S.

Hi Kyle and Riley! It’s been a while but I just wanted to give you an update on fancy Colt 44 (pistol) Riley I know Kyle said it meant a lot to you to carry the American flag during your first sale now my friend’s daughter Caroline she’s 15 years old shows AQA Che in unseat but asked me if she could show Pistol in the ranch she is doing amazing, he is the best horse I could ever ask for… Four years later and I just want to thank you again!

Sandra A.

So here is my 70th birthday (July 14th, starting early) present. I always had big horses but in this chapter of my life, I decided to go smaller and I absolutely love him. Thank you Riley and Kyle Schmitt for your talent and expertise in finding this gorgeous guy. We have two nice Schmitt horses now. Love them!

Mary R.

My farrier said you can’t buy horsemanship. Benz proves him wrong!!! Had our first little raid in the arena. He is amazing! He is so sweet and so soft in the bridle! Can’t thank you enough for all the hours you put in. I felt like a true horsewoman and hardly needed to touch the reins. Amazing horse! Amazing family!

Kristi K.

Hey there my grandma purchased a horse from you last year out of your Iowa sale. I thought I would give you a little update on how he is doing. “Romeo” has such an amazing brain. He is six with the brain of a 12 year old seasoned horse. Super cool and most importantly safe for my 73 year old grandma to ride around. We showed him in reining a little bit last year and are getting ready for a show in about a month. This horse is everything you said he would be and I appreciate how honest and communicative you were with my grandma and I through the whole process. If I ever have to buy a horse again I will be checking with you guys first. Thank you again.

Bailee H.