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I took Dun It Strait Olena aka Melvin to his first AHRA show in Indiana. The Indiana chapter shows are very competitive with lots of great horses.

Melvin placed in every class I entered him. He got 1st in one class and multiple top 5 placings. He was phenomenal and I can’t wait for the June show!

I also had multiple people inquire about where he came from. I shared your FB page with all of them.


I purchased Cowboy Boon A602 “Haze” from Kyle & Riley thru online auction & ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!!! The description and video of him was spot on, he is everything they stated!!! 100% recommend them!

Shelley Hanson

100% recommend Schmitt Horse Ranch LLC. My grandma purchased from them about two years ago and he is the best horse we own! When we purchase a horse again we will be coming back to these guys!

Bailee H.

I bought a horse from Schmitt’s in an online sale and I trust them!

Kristen B.

We recently purchased a 2nd horse from Schmitt Horse Ranch and both are exceptional!

Christie M.

I have to tell you that I am so in love with Carats! He is officially a reigning horse turned all-around. This weekend we did our first ”big show” together and he was an angel! I have never gotten so many compliments on a horse, literally everyone loves him. We did Extreme Trail which he has never done and he handled it all like a seasoned pro. You guys honestly found me the perfect horse. It felt really good to take several wins home. THANK YOU!

Holley B.

Thank you for the best experience! You both will forever leave a lasting impression on our son! Ottie is already so very loved with summer plans already made! Thanks for helping us find a perfect horse for him!

Amy R.

Hi Kyle and Riley! Just want to check in, hope all is well! I really can’t thank you enough for matching me with Eddy. He is everything you said and then some. He has brought my spark back in the saddle and we are just having so much fun! We have done road riding with combines and motorcycles zipping by, trail riding through all sorts of terrain, got caught in the woods in a torrential downpour and he just stays cool as a cucumber and handles everything like a champ. To top it off he has a goofy personality and is just fun to be around. There is a reason you have the reputation you do and I can’t thank you enough!

Ashley L.

Thank you for providing such fine horses. Herb has been delighted to find such good quality and well trained horses since he found you. He speaks very highly of you both, your beautiful young family and your dedication to a strong work ethic. Something that is harder and harder to find these days.

Kind regards

Lori H.

yall offer complete and correct horses with honesty and dignity. Having yall as a reference to folks to send to means a ton in an industry that others have taken from. Riley and Kyle are truly icons in this industry!! Thank you both for what you offer!!!

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